Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Products

Ceylon Cinnamon is a native plant of Sri Lanka. Ceylon Cinnamon is very different to Cassia Cinnamon and far healthier, primarily because it has low Coumarin levels. Unlike the ubiquitous Cassia Cinnamon, Ceylon Cinnamon does not damage the liver. Ceylon Cinnamon is often called true Cinnamon due to it's sophisticated aroma and ability to impart impeccable taste to many recipes. It requires extremely skilled craftsmanship to extract Ceylon Cinnamon, but the end result is something appreciated for the taste as well as health benefits. Ceylon Cinnamon comes in many forms. Traditional Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks which are also known as Cinnamon quills are grounded to  produce Ceylon Cinnamon Powder or ground Cinnamon. Ceylon Cinnamon capsules when taken as a Herbal supplement provide the benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon powder in a convenient capsule form. The Ceylon Cinnamon sticks which are broken into small pieces called quillings or chips are steam distilled into Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil. It is an anti-bacterial powerhouse and one of the most exotic scents in the World. The leaves of the Ceylon Cinnamon tree are steam distilled into Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil. Our high grown Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Tea made with BOPF Ceylon Black Tea and Ceylon Cinnamon Chips is one of the best herbal tea blends Sri Lanka has to offer. Our certified organic Ceylon Cinnamon is grown and harvested from the organic forest gardens of Sri Lanka.