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Sea Moss (Eucheuma cottonii)

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Dried Sea Moss / Seaweed (Eucheuma cottonii)

About: Eucheuma cottonii which is also referred to as Gold Sea Moss, Sea Bird Nest and Irish Moss is a sea moss that's consumed as food in Jamaica, Caribbean Islands, Indonesia and the Philippines. It has also been used in various regions of the world in the making of beverages, thickeners, deserts, puddings, smoothies, beers, wines and marinades. This sun-dried sea moss is wildcrafted from the northern sea beds of Sri Lanka. Sea moss (sometimes referred to as seaweed) is naturally grown and it does not contain artificial fertilisers or chemicals.

Benefits: Sea moss is rich in enzyme, mineral, calcium, iron, fiber, jelly protein and vitamins A, D, E and K. Thus, dried sea moss and sea moss gel made after blending the sea moss with an aqueous solution is used as a superfood, a vegan dietary supplement as well as a cosmetic gel. It is popularly used in skincare, as it is a 
natural source of collagen (seaweed collagen is the same type of collagen present in skin). Eucheuma cottonii sea moss contains 92 minerals out of the 102 minerals, the human body needs. 

Nutritional details of Eucheuma Cottonii sea moss (100g);
Calcium 671 (mg)
Iron 671 (mg)
Magnesium 661 (mg)
Phosphorus 139 (mg)
Sodium 6.31%
Salinity (Nacl) 15.7%
energy 266 (kcal)
Protein 0.73g
Carbohydrate 59.9g
Total Lipid 0.05g
water 91.32g
fiber 0.5g
Ash 1.36g

Suggested Use: Wash the sea moss thoroughly and soak it in clean water (2 parts of water to 1 part of moss) for about 2 hours until the seaweed extends. After soaking, rinse with cold water, drain and serve. Sea moss can also be blended with purified water to obtain sea moss gel, which can be kept in a refrigerator for 3-4 weeks (can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months).

Dry sea moss (unsoaked and raw) can be stored for up to one year in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. The salt present in the sea moss acts as a natural preservative. Do not store dried sea moss in the fridge, as it is too moist and the salt crystals will not be able to function effectively in protecting and preserving the sea moss.

Other Names: Irish Sea Moss / Irish Seaweed / Gusa / Sea Bird Nest / Gold Sea Moss

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