Ceylon Cinnamon

Discover the unique and healthful qualities of Ceylon Cinnamon, a native plant of Sri Lanka (Ceylon), renowned for its array of health benefits. Ceylon Cinnamon which is scientifically referred to as Cinnamomum verum or Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, is distinct from Cassia Cinnamon. It is celebrated for its low Coumarin levels, ensuring that it is gentle on the liver and suited for daily use. Rich in antioxidants, it supports immune health, blood sugar regulation, and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Known as the True cinnamon, Ceylon Cinnamon captivates with its sophisticated aroma and ability to impart an impeccable taste to a variety of recipes. 
Our Premium 'Alba' Ceylon Cinnamon collection features traditional Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks and its many Grades, which are derived from the carefully harvested bark of the Ceylon Cinnamon tree. This bark is meticulously ground to create our finest Ceylon Cinnamon Powder. Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules  provides all the benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon powder in a convenient, easy-to-consume form. We also present Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil, derived from cinnamon sticks broken into small pieces called quillings or chips, steam-distilled to capture its anti-bacterial properties and exotic scent. Similarly, our Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil is produced through steam distillation of the leaves from the Ceylon Cinnamon tree, offering a unique, milder aromatic experience which can also be used in skincare. Ceylon Cinnamon hydrosol, a gentle and aromatic water distilled from Ceylon Cinnamon retains the characteristic warm, spicy aroma in a less intense aqueous form.