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Bee Pollen (Mixed with Bee Honey)

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Bee Pollen (Mixed with Bee Honey) | 50 g

This is a mixture of Bee Honey and Bee Pollen. (Not only the Bee Pollen pieces)

About: Bee pollen (Bee Pollen Extract, Honeybee Pollen, Honey Bee Pollen) is a mixture of flower pollen, nectar, enzymes, honey, wax and bee secretions. It is a nutrient powerhouse containing over 250 biologically active substances, including proteins, carbs, lipids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants.

Uses: As a natural bee product, bee pollen may effectively enhance protective mechanisms against skin aging, skin dryness, ultraviolet radiation, thus they have attracted attention for health and cosmetic applications.

Distributed by;

Caveman Redux,
No 21, Janatha Mw, Navinna,
Sri Lanka.

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