Blue Lotus Essential Oil (Absolute)
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blue lotus essential oil

Blue Lotus Essential Oil (Absolute)

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Blue Lotus (Blue Water Lily) Essential Oil (Absolute)

Source: Nymphaea nouchali, often known by its synonym Nymphaea stellata, or by common names Blue Lotus, Blue Water Lily, Blue Star Water Lily or Manel flower is a water lily of genus Nymphaea. Blue Lotus is native to southern and eastern parts of Asia. It is the national flower of Sri Lanka, where our essential oil is distilled.
The aromatic compounds of Blue Lotus cannot be attained by distillation. Blue Lotus flowers cannot tolerate the heat required for steam distillation, and mechanical pressing will not produce any oil. The only way to release the aromatic compounds of Blue Lotus and other similar delicate plants is to introduce a solvent. Aromatic, concentrated oils from plants derived by introduction of a solvent are referred to as an “Absolute”. Absolutes are similar to essential oils. Both essential oils and absolutes are oils produced by plant matter. To produce an absolute, the plant material is placed into a drum and introduced to a solvent along with gentle heat. The solvent is then removed, which leaves behind a resin known as a concrète or resinoid. This resin is then treated with alcohol to separate the aromatic compounds. An absolute is the most concentrated form of plant material, and may be thicker in consistency than an essential oil produced by distillation.
Uses: Historically, Blue Lotus or Water Lily has been used medicinally, with most advocates claiming it can improve sleep, reduce anxiety, assist with erectile dysfunction, and act as a natural aphrodisiac. Today, it’s commonly consumed as a tea, used in skincare, smoked or vaped, or inhaled as an essential oil. Though legal in most countries, the substance can elicit psychoactive effects and should only be used after speaking with your healthcare provider.
Blue Lotus / Water Lily essential oil, when applied topically, is capable of purifying the skin by working on the pores and making the skin more fresh and vibrant. It works as an astringent which help treat and clear out pimples and blemishes. When used in aromatherapy, Blue Lotus essential oil contributes to an intense relaxation. It is broadly believed that Blue Lotus oil encourages tranquility, and meditation. This makes it ideal to be used as a massage oil or natural perfume.
Purity: 100%
Quantity: 15ml
Botanical Name: Nymphaea nouchali / Nymphaea stellata
Method: Solvent Extraction
Plant Part: Flower
Note: Middle
Aroma: Rich, sweet, flowery
Color: Light Yellow
Blends well with: Citrus oils, Cinnamon Leaf oil, Sandalwood oil
Packed in an amber-colored dropper bottle.

Caution: Avoid contact with the eyes. Discontinue use if any irritation occurs. Natural essential oils are highly concentrated and should be mixed with a carrier oil before applying on the skin.

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