c8 mct oil
C8 MCT Oil (Brain Octane Oil)
bulletproof c8 mct oil

C8 MCT Oil (Brain Octane Oil)

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Organic C8 MCT Oil (Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil / Keto MCT Oil) | 750ml

Our Organic C8 MCT Oil is manufactured using premium quality 100% pure, virgin Coconut oil sourced from certified organic Coconut farms of Sri Lanka. Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are converted by the liver into ketones when taken orally. There are 2 types of MCT oil. C8 (Caprylic acid) MCT oil and mixed MCT oil (a mix of C8 and C10 MCTs). C8 (Caprylic acid) provides 3 times more ketones than C10 (Capric acid), the next best MCT. Other MCTs do not provide ketones. C8 MCT Oil increases blood ketones by 0.8 mmol per 1 tablespoon dose within 2 hours. The use of ketones have been researched to include the following benefits;

  • Hunger reduction and weight-loss.
  • Reduction of inflammation.
  • Increases in endurance performance.
  • Increases in the number and energy output of mitochondria.
  • Increases in brain energy metabolism.
  • Improved mood and reduced anxiety.

Due to these reasons Caprylic Acid (C8) MCT oil which is also referred to as Keto MCT oil and Bulletproof Brain Octane oil has been shown to increase energy, brain function, boost ketone production, and facilitate weight loss. It is effective as an all natural vegan or keto supplement as you will not experience indigestion, loose stools or stomach ache with this high purity C8 MCT due to its rapid absorption. C8 MCT converts into energizing ketones that start powering your mind and body within minutes. Ketones powers your brain and can't be stored as fat, unlike carbs and sugar. As a result it can reduce or eliminate the common fatigue, hunger or carb cravings while providing energy.


Suggested Use:

  • Blend it into Bulletproof Coffee or tea.
  • Add to smoothies and shakes to boost energy for up to 4 hours.
  • Drizzle it over your favourite meals. Pour on top of any breakfast, lunch or dinner as you would do with olive or any other oil or sauce you use.
  • Use to make salad dressings, sauces, and marinades.Substitute traditional oils with tasteless and odourless MCT Oil in your favourite salad dressings.
  • Take directly on a tablespoon or teaspoon as you do with any other food supplement (e.g. fish oil).
  • C8 MCT oil should not be used to cook with (e.g. frying) as cooking with MCT oil at high temperatures will damage the oil and destroy its beneficial properties.

Dosage: Start with 1 tsp or 1 tbsp per day. C8 MCT oil is best taken in doses of 15 to 20 ml per meal, up to 60-100 ml per day. However, it’s not recommended as your only source of dietary fat as MCT oil does not contain all of the essential fatty acids needed for good health. 

Other Names: Bulletproof MCT Oil / Brain Octane Oil / Keto MCT Oil.

Ingredients: 95%-96% caprylic acid (C8) triglycerides from Coconut oil.

Quantity: 750ml

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

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