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Fragrance Oil (80% Natural)

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Fragrance Oil / Perfume Oil

Our premium range of cosmetic-grade fragrance oils are 80% natural and suited to be used in soaps, candles, perfumes, personal care products, room sprays, diffusers, laundry, cleaning products etc. They can either be used individually or blended together to create unique fragrances. Fragrance oils are mainly classified into 4 notes, according to the aroma. We have listed few of the many fragrance oils we offer, representing each fragrance class.
If you prefer a different variety to the listed, please select the "Custom Request" option from the dropdown menu, choose the quantity and leave a note at Checkout mentioning the desired fragrance oil or oils, separated by commas (e.g., Coconut, Coffee). The requested fragrance will be custom-made. If more than one type of custom-made fragrance is required, please adjust the quantity accordingly.

Fragrance oils
 or perfume oils are synthetically produced (man-made) oils, manufactured to imitate a naturally occurring scent. This is done by blending synthetic aroma compounds, plant extracts or the dilution of natural essential oils in carriers such as propylene glycol, vegetable oil, or mineral oil. One of the main benefits of fragrance oils is that they are non-volatile and generally last longer than essential oils. They can also be used in cold process soap making, due to their stability.
Note: For external use only.

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