dried jasmine Sri Lanka
Dried Jasmine Flowers Sri Lanka

Jasmine Flower Buds / Powder

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Dried Jasmine (Jasminum) Flower Buds / Powder

About: This product contains dried Jasmine flowers in whole and in powdered form. The flowers are machine dried according to the industry standards, preserving its herbal properties, aroma and colour.

Usage: Dried Jasmine can be used in a variety of applications. Dried Jasmine add decor to cakes and other desserts, and make wonderful herbal teas. Dried Jasmine and Jasmine powder can also be used in potpourris, baths, personal care products and aromatic mixtures.

Note: The minimum order quantity for Jasmine powder is 250g (Please choose the quantity as 250g or above if you need Jasmine powder).

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Caveman Redux,
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Sri Lanka.

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