Kojic Acid

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Kojic Acid Powder (Cosmetic Grade)

About: Kojic acid is derived from different types of fungi (Aspergillus oryzae in particular) or through the fermentation processes of Japanese rice wine or soy sauce. Thus, it is a 'nature derived' skin brightening compound.

Uses: Kojic acid is used for treating hyperpigmentation (sun spots, age spots, and dark spots) and melasma. Kojic acid is sometimes used in the food industry as a natural preservative. The main use of Kojic acid powder, however, is in personal care and cosmetic industry. It can be found in a number of different types of cosmetic products, including serums, creams, cleansers, lotions and soaps. 

Usage: Kojic acid should be diluted to concentrations of no more than 4 percent in oil or a similar medium. A concentration of 1 to 2 percent is recommended to reduce the chance of skin irritation. 

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Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Customer Reviews

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Can I use it with rosehip oil

Yes, Kojic acid can be used in combination with rosehip oil. Kojic acid is often used for its skin-lightening properties and can complement the benefits of rosehip oil, which is known for its moisturizing and rejuvenating effects on the skin.


Can I mix Kojic powder to soap making

Yes, you can mix Kojic acid powder into soap during the soap-making process to create a Kojic acid soap. Kojic acid is a common ingredient used in skin-lightening or brightening products due to its ability to inhibit melanin production. However, it's important to handle it with care and ensure appropriate usage levels for safety and effectiveness.


Can I it mix with moisturizer cream?

It can be mixed in any oil based medium. Thank you!


Can I mix with carrot oil

Yes, you can mix it with carrot oil. It is recommended that you use a carrier oil also as the essential oil alone could be too strong when applied on a larger area.

Vikum Gunathilake

How to use this powder and stabilize it?

Please note that this is the oil soluble Kojic Acid. It should be mixed with an oil-based preparation.