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Quatre Epices (French Spice Mix)

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Quatre Epices / French Four Spice Mix

Quatre épices is a spice mix used mainly in French cuisine. Its name is French for "four spices"; it is considered the French allspice. This spice mix contains ground White Pepper, Cloves, Nutmeg and Ginger. The presence of White Pepper gives the spice mix a white texture as opposed to black pepper. In the French kitchen, colour is just as important as the taste. White pepper is used with light-colored sauces and fish dishes so that no little black specks will spoil a dish's color.

Suggested Use: Quatre Epices (Quatre Spices) / French Spice Mix is used to season everything from soups to grilled chicken in the French kitchen.

Ingredients: Organic White Pepper powder, Organic Ginger powder, Organic Nutmeg powder, Organic Clove powder.

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