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Organic Venivel (Venivelgeta) / Tree Turmeric Powder

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Venivel / Venivelgeta / Tree Turmeric / Calumba Wood (Coscinium fenestratum) Powder

Known as Venivel or Venivelgeta in Sri Lanka,
Atturam or Kadari in India, Calumba Wood, Yellow Vine or Tree Turmeric (English) in other regions of the world, Coscinium fenestratum is an important and rare herbal plant used in traditional medicine. It has become very important in recent years due to its rarity and the growing demand in the medicinal plant sector.
Venivel / Tree Turmeric is a much sought-after plant used in skincare preparations for its cleansing and rejuvenating properties.
It is a deep cleanser which clear clogged pores and a scrub, which exfoliates dead skin and removes excess oil.
Coscinium fenestratum has a long history as a medicinal plant in the various traditional medicines of the region where it grows. This includes Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha medicine in India and traditional medicine of Sri Lanka, The plant is used for a large variety of diseases and conditions, from fevers and diabetes to celiac disease and snake bites.
Its stem has long been used in South India and Sri Lanka as a bitter tonic and has found its way to Europe under the name False Calumba or Tree Turmeric.

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