Morning Routine; Habits to Start the Day Right

These things are not rituals or personality configurators. They are random things that have helped me and that I think will fortify your lifestyle. If anyone wants to add more in the comments section, feel free.



  1. Wake up early

 Preferably in brahma muhurtha (1-2 hours before sunrise) where prana,in the form of oxygen is most abundant in the atmosphere. Not to mention the extra time you get to cultivate other habits. Keeping an alarm clock some distance away from your bed will make you get up.



  1. Get the qi flowing

 Depending on the duration of your sleep, your body will be stiff and immobile. You will not have energy for strenuous exercise. Enter stretching. Yi Jin Jing and Hatha Yoga Asanas are two of my favorites. These will yield unbelievable results in the long run if practiced daily.



  1. Pranayama (Exercise of breath)

 Performed for 10-20 minutes this will wake you up like uncut cocaine. Whether you are an athlete looking for an edge over your peers in endurance or an alcoholic looking to come out of your semi stupor, this will work.  Kapalbathi and Anulom Vilom Pranayama have benefited me the most. I have seen accounts of people benefitting from Wim Hof breathing as well. Just that, start small and keep at it.



  1. Meditate

 This will be the most rewarding in the long term. Whatever you do during the day, you will be grateful for this practice.



  1. Revise your to do list

 It is important to plan ahead and remind yourself what you ought to do during the day. Preferably, the planning must be done the night before.



  1. Read

 Reading every day will make a profound change in your personality. Do not just read novels, read everything from magazines to comic books.



  1. Pray

No matter what your beliefs are, believing in something greater than you will keep you grounded and disciplined throughout the day.



  1. Sun gaze/ Sun bath

Simple. Stare at the sun (preferably within 1 hour after sunrise). And no, you will not go blind. If anything, the benefits will outweigh 5 mins of paid homage for keeping you alive bizarreness. Adding 10 seconds everyday will take you to 5 minutes in 30 days.



There will be a follow up post on each habit. Watch your backs, keep your noses clean!



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