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MCT Oil Powder

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MCT Oil Powder (Fractionated Coconut Oil Powder) | 500g

About: Our Organic MCT powder / MCT oil powder (C8 & C10) is manufactured using premium quality, organic Coconut MCTs (60%) and Gum Arabic powder (40%), through a mechanical process referred to as spray drying. MCT oil is extracted from virgin Coconut oil sourced from certified organic Coconut farms of Sri Lanka. Even though the health benefits offered by MCT oil and MCT oil powder are similar, there are certain pros and cons of each depending on the use. MCT powder offers the following benefits over MCT oil,

  • Digestibility - Many consider MCT powder easier to be digested over its oil counterpart.
  • Convenience - Convenience of carrying powdered MCT oil to work or gym without the risk of spilling an oil is a significant advantage.
  • Mixing and combining - MCT powder can be incorporated into baked goods and combined with other powdered supplements easily.
  • Texture - MCT oil gives a richer and creamier texture when mixed with coffee and beverages.

Benefits & Suggested Use: Fractionated Coconut oil powder / MCT oil powder is believed to be metabolised more easily by the body than standard coconut oil or coconut oil powder, due to the removal of the long chain fatty acids and lauric acid. MCT powder is rapidly digested and absorbed, and is thought to provide a useful energy source and promote weight loss. Hence, MCT powder can be used as a nutritional supplement for vegetarians, vegans and people on a Keto diet. 

Other Names: MCT Coconut Oil Powder / Fractionated Coconut Oil Powder / MCT Powder / Medium Chain Triglycerides Powder.
Ingredients: Fractionated Virgin Coconut oil (Glycerides, mixed decanoyl and octanoyl) - 60%, Gum Arabic (Acacia senegal).
Size: 500g (17.63 Oz)
Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

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